Make my supper ;)

OK, not really, but I was curious about copying an idea from another blogger that I follow. She does a "make it work Wednesday" where she lists a couple of basic ingredients and asks people to come up with ideas on how to use them together.

Today is, obviously, not Wednesday, and if people like the idea, maybe we will move it to Wednesday to help perk things up a little in the middle of the week. But for not, Friday it will have to be.

This week was green beans and mushrooms.

You don't need a full recipe, but if you have one that fits, post it!

Favorite Meal of the Week?

What was your favorite meal this week?

I think mine was sandwiches we just had for lunch. It featured hot tempeh wings deep fried with oil and covered in hot sauce, mizuna, tomato slices, and veganaise. On white bread.

Not too healthy but delicious!

What did you eat for supper?

So it has been suggested that we try to make this a regular once a week post. Knowing myself, I am most likely going to phrase it along the lines of "what did you have for supper last night?", but I think that people should be free to pick and choose their favourite meal of the week.

So (a day late), what was your favourite meal this week?

Camping food

This often comes up, but since I am going camping tonight (yeah, only one night, and it is car camping... hardly qualifies!), it got me thinking:

What are some of your favourite camp foods? This can be pre-made and frozen, or cooked on the spot as long as you can use a fire to do the cooking.

Moderator community

I have started setting up the moderator community over at very_veg_mod.

I have not yet figured out what will be the best way of managing the permissions while maintaining the community contribution to running this place as well as the transparency that we are hoping for. In other words, things are still (and always) subject to some change if a better approach is figured out. :)

I would love to start moving some of the more technical discussions that are taking place here, over into that community. We still have some work to do in terms of:

1) picking other people who will have moderator privileges
2) finishing the profile information for this community
3) other?

Remember, if you know know anyone on LJ who is vegetarian, please invite them over. :)

A welcome to all new members

I would just like everyone to welcome all of our new members. It seems that every time I check the profile information, there are a few more of you. That is excellent. :) Please remember that we are working hard to get things off the ground and that everyone's input is welcome and appreciated.

(edited for brevity)
short-haired me


Welcome to very_vegetarian! Thanks for joining - I'm looking forward to this becoming a vibrant community with lively discussion among all sorts of people with an interest in vegetarianism.

I've had precious little experience running a community, so I've made blueheron a moderator (props to him for facilitating said discussion). If anyone else is interested in co-modding, please let me know. Ideally I'd like to have vegan and non-vegan vegetarian representation to avoid the contention and ill feelings that can sometimes occur between the two groups.

I finally got around to changing the horrid default layout to something a little easier on the eyes. Feedback is encouraged - to be honest I just grabbed the first one I saw that looked halfway decent, so I don't know the ins & outs of it.

I'll have a preliminary write-up of guidelines on the info page soon, so tell me what you think of that. Also, suggestions for rules and what you'd like to see this community become are more than welcome.

Hope you enjoy it here!